ACH Money Transfer

Payments can be made via ACH (Automatic Check Handling).  Customers can create and account with us via secure login and process payments with no hassle.  To get started, click here: Keystone Online Payments

Checks made out to Keystone Equipment Finance Corp, can be mailed via the following carriers to the following addresses:

US Postal Service Delivery:
Keystone Equipment Finance Corp.
PO Box 330429
West Hartford, CT 06133-9938

FedEx or UPS Delivery:
Keystone Equipment Finance Corp.
433 New Park Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06110

Alternate Payment Methods:

MoneyGram Express Payment:
Keystone's Receive Code: 7186
Payee Name: Keystone Equipment Finance
Payee Location: West Hartford, CT
Account Code: {First 5 letters of account}

Credit Cards Accepted - Call 1-800-444-8333
CC Images
Additional Fees Apply